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Feed Mixer Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Product Type (Vertical and Horizontal), By Portability (Self-Propelled, Pull, and Stationary), By Capacity (<10 M3, 10 M3-20 M3, and >20 M3), By Application (Farms and Feed Factory), and Regional Forecast, 2022-2029

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The global feed mixer market size was valued at USD 698.8 million in 2021. The market is projected to grow from USD 720.8 million in 2022 to USD 927.5 million by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period. Based on our analysis, the global market exhibited an average growth of 2.7% in 2020 as compared to 2019.

Feed mixer is utilized in feed mills and farms to mix premixes with feed ingredients. The concept of this mixer is widespread in developed regions, such as North America and Europe. It has become an important machine for livestock and dairy farmers, owing to its flexibility that properly mixes the feedstuffs, ultimately providing high-quality feed for animal nutrition.

Technological development in the feeding machine industry is a growing trend. It provides innovative ways of defining the nutritional value of raw feedstuffs and the quality of final feed products. Additionally, the fine control mechanism helps in proactive precision feeding that controls the long-term nutritional value of feed. This is ultimately boosting the market share.


Moderate COVID-19 Impact Resulted in Rising Need for Nutritious Feedstuffs

The COVID-19 pandemic has moderately affected the global market. It has challenged the transportation of mixers and feeding goods across the globe. The worldwide consumption of feedstuffs has significantly declined. As per multiple secondary sources, including OECD, FAO, and others, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and others have estimated nearly 5% downfall in the demand for animal feed. The supply of containers (wagons) to attach with mixers has also been affected in countries, including India and China, where a partial lockdown in manufacturing and supply industries was imposed in the first quarter of 2020.

However, to avoid the unavailability of nutritious livestock, government bodies across the globe are restarting manufacturing activities to prevent the economy from collapsing, especially in the feeding mixer industry. For instance, members of the European Feed Manufacturers Federation (FEFAC) and the Dutch Feed Industry are continuously working to supply nutritious feed products to the livestock industry and ensure quick feed delivery to livestock farmers during this COVID-19 pandemic.


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Accelerated Technological Advancements in Feeding Equipment to Uphold the Feed Mixer Market Growth

Prominent players are competing in the market based on factors, including machine innovation, feed mixing technology, precision feed measurement system, automated feeding systems, and after-sales services. These factors are considered to be important product offerings in the market. For instance, SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH offers ‘Truckline 4.0 Compact 8’, a feeding mixer of self-propelled portability with 100% electric drive for transporting, mixing, and dosing feed with 8 m3 hopper capacity.

Manufacturers are focusing on unloading technology, silage technology, and others to support the future-oriented dairy farmers in managing their farms by achieving measurable cost savings and ultimately optimizing production. Additionally, the rising need for the implementation of improved machinery to reduce the food production time is also complementing the need for innovation and technological advancements in food processing machinery.

Considering all the above factors, technological development in the feeding equipment industry is laying the foundation for its future growth.


Rising Demand for High-quality Feed for Animal Nutrition to Bolster Market Growth

Good and healthy livestock is a necessity for high-quality feed for animals. This can be achieved by increasing the output capacity of feeding mixers. Additionally, the need for these mixers in farms and feeding factories is increasing, owing to the demand for fluffy and palatable ration, including high-quality animal feed. Moreover, modern intensive food production methods have witnessed a significant improvement in feed quality. It is attributed to the fact that these mixers help to mix the ingredients properly, thereby providing proper nutrition to animals.

Furthermore, manufacturers are focused on producing total mixed ration (TMR) mixers that can mix a wide variety of feedstuffs. For instance, KUHN NORTH AMERICA, INC. offers a TMR Mixer line of ‘Commercial REEL Mixers’ and ‘The REEL Auggie Mixer’ that provide superior mix quality. It also provides ‘Vertical Maxx Mixers’ that can mix various feeds, including round bales and others.

Therefore, the rising demand for high-quality feed for animal nutrition is boosting the animal feeding mixer market.


Small-scale Farming Lands May Hamper Growth

Feed mixers are specifically suitable for facilities, such as medium and large-scale farming lands and feed factories with high roof spaces. These facilities contain large quantities of livestock. It becomes a challenging task for small farm owners to install TMR mixers that require high maintenance cost and skilled operators to deal with the feed mixing process. Moreover, small-scale farmers find it difficult to invest huge amounts during initiation phases and pay maintenance costs, which, in turn, would adversely affect the market.


By Product Type Analysis

High Efficiency in Mixing Feedstuff Ingredients to Depict Increasing Demand for Horizontal Mixers

Based on product type, the market is classified into vertical and horizontal.

The horizontal mixer segment is anticipated to witness substantial growth in the forecast period, owing to its high efficiency in mixing feedstuff ingredients with different particle sizes and blending small quantities of liquid, including added lipids and added nutritional liquids and others. It requires less horsepower to run, that results in higher efficiency & power saving cost and increased fuel saving capacity.

The vertical feeding mixer segment had earned the highest feed mixer market share in 2020, attributed to its utilization in on-farm feeding manufacturing processes. Additionally, the vertical design allows it to perfectly fit in small livestock feed factories.

By Portability Analysis

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Quick Mixing Time to Ensure Highest CAGR for Self-propelled Segment

By portability, the market is categorized into self-propelled, pull, and stationary.

The self-propelled segment is in the best position to lead the market. It has a quicker mixing time than its counterparts. It offers better economic and nutritional benefits in farms and feed factories by ensuring the accurate total mixed ratio (TMR) that provides healthy nutritional feedstuff to cows and other animals.

The stationary mixer segment is anticipated to witness substantial growth, as it offers time-efficient methods and is projected to be utilized more in the upcoming years, whereas the pull segment is expected to witness steady growth as it requires a telehandler who stays in one machine without switching to the other equipment.

By Capacity Analysis

10 M3- 20 M3 Capacity Segment to Register Significant Growth with Better Mixing Capacity

The market is divided into <10M3, 10 M3 20 M3, and >20 M3 based on capacity.

Among these, the mixer with the capacity of 10 M3 20 M3 is expected to grow exponentially in the forecast period as it allows single auger or double auger knives for the better mixing of feedstuffs.

The mixer with the capacity of >20 M3 is witnessing considerable growth, as it allows three auger knives design, especially in horizontal mixers. Feed mixer with a capacity of <10M3 is projected to witness a steady growth, attributed to its utilization in large and small-scale livestock applications.

By Application Analysis

Adoption of Structural Changes to Help Farms Segment Depict Higher Growth

By application, the market is classified into farms and feed factory.

The farms segment earned dominance in 2020, owing to the growing opportunities in the farming sector. Small farm owners have adopted structural changes to improve the farm income by installing advanced livestock feed mixers for the production of nutritious foodstuff to feed animals. The feed factory segment is expected to witness steady growth, owing to the emergent demand for homogeneous food in lesser time.


North America Feed Mixer Market Size, 2021 (USD million)

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The market is classified into five regions, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

North America is in the best position to lead the market over the forecast period. It is attributed to increased awareness about animal nutrition, growing health expenditure on livestock, and rise in animal population. Moreover, farmers of the U.S. and Canada have quickly accepted mechanized mixers with total mixed ration (TMR) processors for mixing quality feed material that stands out amongst the other regions.

Asia Pacific is expected to witness a high CAGR, owing to the presence of a large livestock animal pool and the rising awareness about animal welfare. The increasing popularity of homogeneous feed material has resulted in the growing demand for feed mixers across countries, such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and others. Moreover, in recent years, the high adoption rate of premixes in feed due to the increasing meat consumption amongst animals is also playing a vital role in augmenting the market.

India to Witness Highest CAGR Attributed to Ever-growing Dairy Business

Nutritional feeding has always been an important part of dairy production across India. Leading manufacturers are eyeing investment in the livestock industry across the country as a strategy to extensively penetrate the Indian market. Additionally, the economic survey 2019-2020 tabled by the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Affairs stated that the livestock sector had been developing at 7.9% CAGR in the last five years. This is eventually boosting the demand for machine installation across farms and feed factories.

Europe is experiencing a steady growth attributed to the presence of leading players, such as Trioliet B.V., Faresin Industries Spa, DeLaval, and others across Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and other European countries. These players are constantly working on upgrading the existing machines to ensure the best nutritional feed for livestock.

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Latin America and the Middle East and Africa markets are expected to witness substantial growth on account of the increasing demand for quality feeding products. Additionally, government bodies across various countries are promoting technologically advanced feeding machines that will be suitable for small-scale farmers, as most of them own less than five hectares of farming land.


Key Players Focusing on Introduction of Modern TMR Mixers to Improve Overall Performance

Key players have adopted strategies, such as advanced product launching, investment in research and development, and others, to sustain the intense market competition. For instance, Groupe Anderson’s pull-type twin auger 700 mixers are designed for daily usability. It is equipped with carbide-treated self-sharpening tungsten knives. Moreover, DeLaval offers feed mixers having a self-loader for silage and a loading table with one, two, or three auger knives that have advanced feeding software. This will reduce the overall feed cost and make the best quality feed mix, ultimately increasing the farm profitability.

Trioliet B.V. Focuses on Providing Quality Feeding Technology and Specialized Livestock Feeding Machines for End-users

Trioliet B.V. is focusing on providing a specialized range of feeding machine products, including diet feeders, self-loading, or self-propelled mixers that would help livestock farmers to manage their farms efficiently. For instance, Trioliet B.V. offers ‘Smartrac G-self-Propelled Feed Mixer’ with a U-formed high capacity cutting frame that helps to create multiple rations.


  • Supreme International Limited (Canada)

  • NDEco (Hi-Tec Group Company) (Canada)


  • Trioliet (Netherlands)

  • Grupo Tatoma (Spain)

  • SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)

  • Groupe Anderson (Canada)

  • Seko Industries Srl (Italy)

  • Faresin Industries Spa (Italy)

  • RMH Lachish Industries Ltd (Israel)

  • Schuler Manufacturing (Vermeer Corporation) (U.S.)

  • Tetra Laval International S.A. (Switzerland)


  • June 2021 – Trioliet installed a stationary feed mixer to feed 6,600 cows at ‘Mazoon Dairy Farm’ located in Oman. It balances the ration provided to cows. This mixer is combined with a discharging feed wagon.

  • December 2019 – Vermeer Corporation acquired Schuler Manufacturing to provide a comprehensive suite of feeding and processing equipment, hay harvesting to farmers and ranchers across North America. The acquisition would help to introduce innovative products for cattle producers across the feeding value stream.


An Infographic Representation of Feed Mixer Market

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The report provides detailed information regarding various insights into the market. Some of them are growth drivers, restraints, competitive landscape, regional analysis, and challenges. It further offers an analytical depiction of the global market trends and estimations to illustrate the forthcoming investment pockets. The market is quantitatively analyzed from 2022 to 2029 to provide the financial competency of the market research. The information gathered in the research report has been taken from several primary and secondary sources.




Study Period

2018 – 2029

Base Year


Estimated Year


Forecast Period

2022 – 2029

Historical Period

2018 – 2020


Value (USD million)


By Product Type, Portability, Capacity, Application, and Region

By Product Type

  • Vertical

  • Horizontal

By Portability

  • Self-Propelled

  • Pull

  • Stationary

By Capacity

  • <10 M3

  • 10 M3-20 M3

  • >20 M3

By Application

  • Farms

  • Feed Factory

By Region

  • North America (By Product Type, Portability, Capacity, Application, and Country)

    • U.S. (By Portability)

    • Canada (By Portability)

  • Europe (By Product Type, Portability, Capacity, Application, and Country)

    • Germany (By Portability)

    • U.K. (By Portability)

    • France (By Portability)

    • Spain (By Portability)

    • Italy (By Portability)

    • Netherlands (By Portability)

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia Pacific (By Product Type, Portability, Capacity, Application, and Country)

    • China (By Portability)

    • India (By Portability)

    • Japan (Portability)

    • Southeast Asia (By Portability)

    • Rest of Asia Pacific

  • Middle East and Africa (By Product Type, Portability, Capacity, Application, and Country)

    • South Africa (By Portability)

    • GCC (By Portability)

    • Rest of Middle East and Africa

  • Latin America (By Product Type, Portability, Capacity, Application, and Country)

    • Brazil (By Portability)

    • Mexico (By Portability)

    • Rest of Latin America

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortune business Insights says that the market stood at USD 698.8 million in 2021.

Fortune Business Insights says that the market will reach USD 927.5 million in 2029.

Registering a CAGR of 3.7%, the market will exhibit substantial growth during the forecast period.

The rising demand for palatable ration for animal nutrition is expected to drive the market growth

Supreme International Limited, Trioliet B.V., Seko Industries Srl, KUHN NORTH AMERICA, INC., and SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH are the top companies in the market.

In terms of portability, the self-propelled segment is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period.

By capacity, the 10M3 – 20 M3 segment is expected to witness the highest CAGR over the forecast period.

8. What was the revenue of the North American market in 2021?

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