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Top 8 Power Assist Wheelchair Companies in the Cusp of Revolution of Visionaries Reinventing

July 05, 2022 | Healthcare

Smarter Wheelchairs to Boost the Industry of Power Assist Wheelchair in the Coming Years

With millions of people living with paralysis, power assist wheelchair solutions have come on the horizon. Whether electric powered or manual, wheelchairs have enhanced the lives of millions of people. According to Wheelchair Foundation, around 131 million need a wheelchair globally. The majority of the people count on old technology; however, trends exhibit a shift toward state-of-the-art advanced technology to help boost safety, mobility, and accessibility. Fortune Business Insights™ states the market for power assist wheelchair will witness an upward trajectory during 2022-2029.

Emphasis on quality, usability, safety, functionality, innovation, and impact will streamline mobility. The adoption of digital technologies is shaping Industry 4.0 with prominent companies leading from the front. However, the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a seismic shift in the global landscape.

Surmounting COVID-19 Challenges Through Innovations

Innovative solutions have become the talk of the town to overcome challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for work from home was what doctors ordered for several people with disabilities. However, the pandemic put a brake on the supply chain of wheelchairs, with operations halted across a host of countries. Thus, dual-purpose wheelchairs became trendier to boost sleeping and sitting postures for COVID-19 patients. With surge in the number of the elderly population getting admitted, owing to the virus, hospitals were the major recipient of power assist wheelchairs. The transport and mobility sector is ripe for innovations. The next few years could reshape the dynamics with the growing market across advanced and emerging economies. 

Entrepreneurs and startups are gearing to bring the power of wheelchairs through digital transformations. With mobility services gaining ground, the arrival of smart mobility services provides a compelling new possibility to streamline wheelchair services. Power assist wheelchair devices have become a revolutionary idea among stakeholders.


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist Wheelchairs


Fortune Business Insights™ presents top 8 power assist wheelchair companies gearing to bolster their portfolios in the market:


1. Sunrise Medical


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsA world leader in the design, development, distribution, and manufacturing of powered and manual wheelchairs, Sunrise Medical, has a strong distribution network in around 130 countries. With manufacturing sites in more than 1- countries, the company’s portfolio in power assists wheelchairs includes pediatric power wheelchairs, adult power wheelchairs, and all-terrain power wheelchairs. The company has also bolstered its penetration in mobility scooters, standard, and made-to-order searing and positioning systems. To illustrate, in June 2020, Sunrise Medical announced the rollout of QUICKIE Q500 H with an amalgamation of rear-and mid-wheel technology to provide greater indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance.


2. Pride Mobility Products Corp.


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsPride Mobility Products Corp. is spread around 27 countries with investments in designing and manufacturing mobility products such as power wheelchairs, power lift recliners, and mobility scooters. In essence, the offering of Jazzy Power Chairs provides a slew of mobility solutions, including easily portable wheelchairs and robust models with Active-Trac ATX Suspension for improved performance on varied terrain. For instance, in October 2020, Pride Mobility Products Corp. introduced the GO CHAIR MED POWER CHAIR with improved features.


3. Invacare Corporation


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsWith bullish presence in around 100 countries, Invacare Corporation reportedly garnered USD 850.6 million in revenues in 2020. The company is the world leader in distributing and manufacturing innovative home and long-term medical products. Invacare provides rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs and center-wheel drive power wheelchairs. Specifically, in August 2021, Invacare announced the introduction of Invacare AVIVA STORM RX to bolster its share in the market for power assist wheelchair.


4. Merits Health Products, Inc.


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsMerits Health Products, Inc. is one of the leading players in the industry vertical dealing in the manufacturing of advanced power mobility chairs and scooters, patient aids, motorized beds, and respiratory products. The company recently received the “Taiwan National System of Excellence Award” for electric power wheelchair and scooter and several quality certifications. Lately, the company also announced the official rollout of its first complex rehab power chair.


5. Electric Mobility Ltd.


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsElectric Mobility Ltd. has reportedly sold around 100 individual models of mobility products through its authorized network of specialists and retailers. The company provides a range of powered & manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and rise and recline chairs. Besides, it also provides a host of power chairs, including mid-wheel, mid-range, compact, and configurable power chairs. Prominently, in May 2021, Electric Mobility Ltd. rolled out a compact rear-wheel-drive power wheelchair “Rascal Razoo” for improved features with comfortable seating.


6. Karma Medical Products Co., LTD


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsKarma Medical Products Co., LTD has a strong presence in around 31 countries globally and is a major player in the market. The company uses a host of sophisticated wheelchair technologies, including AEGIS Microbe Shield, S-Ergo Seating System, and Gyro Technology to offer comfortable and safe wheelchairs. To illustrate, in October 2021, Karma Medical inked a deal with Permobil to bolster its mobility devices portfolio.


7. Heartway Medical Products Co., Ltd.


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsHeartway Medical Products Co., Ltd. is one of the major companies boosting the market for power assist wheelchair globally. The company deals in power wheelchairs, including foldable, pediatrics, mid-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs. It also received awards, including the 19th Taiwan 5MEs Innovation award, 12th Industrial 5ustainable Excellence Award, and Top Five Rehab Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Exporter Award in Taiwan. For instance, in September 2018, the company revealed its latest mobility product developments at an International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care “Rehacare 2018.”


8. Permobil


Top Companies Fostering the industry of Power Assist WheelchairsPermobil has presence in over 17 countries and is gearing to boost its penetration in the global market. It is the global leader in healthcare solutions for seating & positioning products and powered and manual wheelchairs. The company deals in power assist wheelchairs, including F5 Corpus VS, F3 Corpus, and Koala R-Net, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and features. Specifically, in January 2021, Permobil announced a collaboration with LUCI to offer the latter’s smart wheelchair technology through the former’s commercial organization and clinical education to Veterans Affairs (VA) rehabilitation clinics in the U.S.


Wheelchairs Becoming Smarter with Each Passing Day

Wheelchair companies are leaving no stone unturned through investments in intelligent systems and ultra-light carbon fiber products to streamline maneuvering. The smart braking system can automatically detect if the user is going downhill. The use of AI to rehabilitate walk and prevent falls will gain ground. Customization will be the next big thing to boost mobility across hospitals and home care settings. Prevailing trends are all but poised to underpin the market for power assist wheelchair during the forecast period.

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