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Demand for Clean and Emission-free Source of Energy to Boost the Growth of Top 10 Wind Turbine Foundation Manufacturers

July 01, 2022 | Energy & Power

Wind turbine foundation systems are used to produce electricity. Electrical energy is our basic need, and its demand is increasing worldwide. The growing demand for clean and emission-free sources for energy promotes the adoption of the system. It is also affordable and reliable. In addition, it also helps to reduce CO2 gas emissions, which indirectly helps to reduce the greenhouse gas effect.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global market for wind turbine foundation will rise at a substantial CAGR during the forecast period. The increasing demand for energy and rising disposable income in developing countries will propel the market forward.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic for Wind Turbine Foundation

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically disrupted the supply chains and manufacturing of industrial equipment. Quarantine measures and shutdowns caused construction, technical, and manufacturing personnel layoffs in the wind energy industry. Furthermore, many projects are undergoing demobilizations while many wind and solar farms struggle to keep up with maintenance and operation. The global COVID-19 pandemic witnessed a decline in the market growth of.  


Fortune Business Insights Presents Top 10 Companies in the Global Market


1. Suzlon Group

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersSuzlon Group is one of the prominent wind turbine foundation manufacturers in this industry. The company was ranked by MAKE as the fifth largest wind turbine supplier globally.

In June 2021, Suzlon announced a new power project to develop 252 MW wind power from CLP India. The project is likely to boost the market by installing 120 units of wind turbine generators in Gujarat, Sidhpur. 


2. Ramboll Group

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersRamboll Group is a renowned company with experience of over 30 years in this industry. 

In June 2021, the Group was selected as an exclusive technical engineer & turbine foundation consultant for two offshore wind farms.  


3. Peikko Group

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersPeikko Group is one of the top companies in the industry. It has several factories, which are cable of producing wind turbine foundations.

In January 2021, the company launched BOLDA Column Shoes. This launch helped to form fast and safe connections between columns.


4. Equinor

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersEquinor is expected to be the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm. The company has 21,000 employees and develops natural gas, oil, wind, and solar energy in more than 30 countries.


5. Dominion Energy Inc.

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersDominion Energy Inc. is also commonly known as Dominion. It is an American power and energy company based in Richmond, Virginia. 

Dominion Energy, Eversource, and Ørsted have agreed on a contract to lease offshore wind turbine installation vessels in 2021.


6. Ørsted

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersØrsted is a Danish multinational electricity company based in Frederica, Denmark. The company partnered with Japan Wind Power Development Company & Eurus Energy to develop an offshore wind power project.


7. Siemens Gamesa

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersSiemens Gamesa is one of the biggest wind turbine foundation manufacturers of offshore wind turbines globally. 

In 2021, the company provided floating foundations for Equinor’s Hywind Tampen project. The foundations are anchored to the seafloor with mooring equipment and completely stabilized with ballast.


8. Aker Solutions

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersAker Solutions is one of the leading wind turbine foundation manufacturer, which offers integrated products, solutions, and services for the global energy industry.

Kværner, a subsidiary of Aker, and the German engineering organization, Dominion, reported that they may offer layout, supply, and supervision offerings for the base of the slipform machine to be used to erect a concrete wind tower for the Hywind floating wind project Tampen.


9. Principle Power Inc.

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersPrinciple Power Inc. is an innovative technology and service provider. The company provides its services for the offshore deepwater wind energy market.

In 2021, Principal Power Inc. was awarded for commissioning the Windfloat Atlantic and Foundation Developer of the Year category at the 2021 Wind Investment Awards.


10. Bladt Industries A/S

Top Global Wind Turbine Foundation ManufacturersBladt Industries A/S is a steel contractor specializing in offshore foundations and substations.

In 2021, the industry started investing in expanding Denmark’s wind turbine foundation production facilities. It will be one of the first suppliers to produce the foundations for future offshore wind turbines, which are expected to reach a height of up to 250 to 300 meters.


The Future and Evolution of Wind Turbine Foundation

Growing population and rising disposable income in developing countries are driving the market growth. In addition, increasing deployment of offshore wind farms boosts the market players to produce next-generation wind turbines. Wind energy is the highest adopted among other sources of energy. Also, the future demands a clean and emission-free source of energy.

Over the last decade, India, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany increased the production of electricity from wind energy, which aided the market growth.

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