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Top 10 Manufacturers of Smart Water Meter Contributing to a Sustainable Future

July 01, 2022 | Energy & Power

Smart water meter is a simple device that wirelessly communicates with a local or wide area network, allowing for remote location monitoring and leak detection, resulting in minimal water waste. According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global market of smart water meter  will rise from USD 1.38 billion in 2018 and reach USD 3.07 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 10.6% during the projection period. Such meters prefer dynamic water billing, which eliminates the need for manual supervision in a household every month. It supports real-time web-based metering, which alerts about water waste, real-time alerts about leaks, and other issues.

COVID-19 Impact: Rising need to Maintain Hygiene Amidst Pandemic became the Need of the Hour

Water usage has increased significantly during the COVID-19 outbreak due to the growing significance of washing hands and hygiene measures in preventing virus spread. While non-payment of water bills in the past resulted in service disconnection, the scenario is different during COVID-19, with utilities deciding not to disconnect customers' water connections due to non-payment or late payments. Water utilities, particularly in developed economies, are facing challenges as a result of aging infrastructure facilities, which are increasing utility budgets.

Fortune Business Insights™ Presents the Top 10 Smart Water Meter Manufacturers Globally


1. Anglian Water

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersAnglian Water provides drainage and wastewater treatment services from the Humber in the north to the Thames in the south, including the Great Ouse and a small portion of Upminster in the Greater London area. It installed 1.1 million recently updated commercial and domestic water meters in July 2021, as part of a five-year project worth more than USD 231.06 million. As a result, the company's long-term management strategy can safeguard its water resources.


2. Itron

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersItron is a technology company based in the U.S. that offers energy and water management products and services. Itron collaborated with Germany-based Internet of Things company DIGIMONDO in June 2021 to help water companies in improving distribution network management through LoRaWAN. This allows the utility to build and operate a LoRaWAN-based network for remotely reading water meters.



Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersLAISON is a professional firm that specializes in smart water meter solutions. LAISON was awarded the agreement for CAMWATER's new assignment in May 2020. The agreement calls for smart water meters to be installed in two batches at the pilot sites in Dura and Yaoundé.



Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersCAMWATER is the Cameroonian company in charge of public drinking water and sanitation services. In 2021, CAMWATER began testing smart meter billing and accurate meter reading. The new smart metering system improves production and distribution efficiency, coverage, and the accuracy of meter reading and billing.


5. WEGoT

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersWEGoT, an Indian smart water meter manufacturer, which provides solution for water consumption and quality in real-time with ease, saving up to 50% of water. WEGoT and Kerlink, a French Internet of Things solution provider, collaborated to bring a LoRaWAN-based solution to India in 2021.


6. Ameresco

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersAmeresco is a renewable energy company that focuses on energy efficiency. It offers public and private organizations ESPC-funded energy solutions. Bellmead, Texas, U.S. is collaborating with Ameresco to upgrade its water meter infrastructure. The project will install approximately 3,797 smart water meters to replace the existing mechanical ones as part of the advanced metering infrastructure.


7. Business Stream

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersBased in Edinburgh, Business Stream is a water retailer that operates in the highly competitive non-domestic water markets of Scotland and England. Scottish Water, a utility company that serves the Scottish residential water market, owns Business Stream. Morrison Data Services signed a four-year contract with Scottish water retailer Business Stream to provide automated meter reading and data management services. The agreement covered 60% of the water company's clients by April 2021, which equates to nearly 400,000 client visits per year.


8. Thames Water

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersThames Water Utilities Ltd, or Thames Water, is a large private utility firm in charge of wastewater treatment and public water supply in Luton, Greater London, Surrey, Thames Valley, North Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, the westernmost part of Kent, and other areas. In 2021, Thames Water will install over 28,000 smart water meters in the London borough of Wandsworth. The company's roll-out is the most visible smart meter program in the U.K.


9. United Utilities

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersIn northwest England, United Utilities Group PLC handles electricity, water, and wastewater distribution. United Utilities collaborated with Itron to improve meter data management. Temetra's cloud-based meter data management solution will be provided by the utility company under a signed contract with Itron in 2021.


10. Global Omnium

Top Smart Water Meter ManufacturersGlobal Omnium is one of Spain's pioneers in integrated water cycle management. Using Telefónica's narrowband IoT connection, Global Omnium plans to deploy 450,000 smart water meters by 2021. These meters will be installed in the homes and businesses of the company's customers throughout Spain, benefiting over 3 million people.

Do you think using a Smart Water Meter for a Sustainable Future is an Ideal Choice?

Water is our most valuable natural resource, and it is used for a variety of purposes. As a result, it is our responsibility to look after it. Thinking about future generations, they will undoubtedly require water to survive. As a result, there is an urgent need to put an end to the wasteful use of water. IoT is advancing in almost every industry, including the water sector. Saving water through IoT is an excellent way to combine technology and resource conservation that will eventually support the market growth. Therefore, the invention of such meters is the most appropriate method of saving water through IoT.

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